Caught In The Middle

I have had a Rapid Cash Blue card for several years now. They were in fact the first people to actually accept an application from me for a credit card. I had been determined not to have a credit card at all, but decided to apply for one that would benefit a charity but they refused me. I would not say my experience with them has been terrible, but it has not been fantastic either.

The rates and terms and conditions obviously change over time, but when I joined the APR was 16.9% as I was inexperienced in these matters I did not realize that there are a lot of cards and uk loans out there with better rates. Still, it was not a problem for me at first because for about the first year I rarely used it and always paid off the full amount as soon as the next statement came through. The monthly interest rates on my card were 1.45% for credit transaction, 1.50% for cash advances. There is an annual membership fee of about £17, but this is waived if you spend a certain amount in a year.

The interest rates are obviously not the best as you can see from the above information, but on the very few occasions when I have managed to forget to send the monthly payment, they’ve usually been pretty good as far as cancelling the late payment fee. Though I was planning to get another credit card, I just can’t yet. I do have some problems with them but still with the great deal I have with them I just have to stay. In case the problem worsens, then I’ll have to find another way.

Easy Access on Loans

It is difficult to get loans these days especially when your credit status is not so good. Financial companies are more careful in giving out their money to borrowers because of unavoidable cases of default. Borrowers should understand that financial industry continues to be in the business because of the fact that they continue to exist in the business because of loan payments made by consumers. In this case, loan companies would still want to continue giving support to their consumers by coming up with another great idea. Payday loans give another opportunity to borrowers with bad credit history to acquire new loans despite of their credit record.

This loan schemes has become available in the market for the purpose of giving support to those consumers who are in need of extra cash. This loan scheme can absolutely help augment consumers to meet their financial obligations on-time. It will be very hard for someone who is in need of cash when his credit status will be criticized. But with payday loans, anybody can get this loan anytime. This loan offers fast loan transaction although the amount that can be borrowed is limited, borrowers would still choose the same to meet their needs the soonest. The most convenient way of getting extra cash is through payday loans.

How much would a money tree cost?

How much would a money tree cost?

Everything has its price and it is up to us to compare prices so we find the best possible price for that item we need.  Whether you are shopping for a product or service, you are sure to find a variety of prices for the exact same thing, if you shop in person or online.  If money grew on trees, how many trees would you buy?

A money tree would be great to have but because we were all brought up with our parents tells us that money doesn’t grow on trees, we must have a job so we can pay for the lifestyle we choose.  When someone is lacking funds, they can be in a world of hurt and money troubles are not fun at all.  This is why payday loans were created.  If this sounds like what you need, then just visit and see how simple the application is.

This loan is based on your next payday so the next time you get your paycheck, you will pay back your loan in full.  Then the loan has ended but if you ever need another one, just apply again, there is no limit.

A loan for your project

A loan for your project

Are you thinking about remodeling your home, adding a room or perhaps having a patio add to your backyard?  These are all common projects that homeowners have done over the years.  Each project will add equity to their home which means when they choose to sell their home, they can ask more for it.

There are many types of loans but each one is either secured or unsecured.  Secured loans involve collateral such as your home so if you default in your loan, the lender can foreclose on your home to get their money back.

Student loans, credit cards and personal loans are all unsecured and these loans carry a much higher interest rate.  There are also payday loans which are very short term loans that are only based on your next payday.  This type of loan has its own interest rate but your credit history is not an issue so even those people with poor credit are able to borrow the money they need, for whatever reason they might have.  Before you apply for the loan you need, learn about each one so you know which one is right for you and the project you have in mind.

Making a List

Cars are important in our lives today. Almost all household or family has one. Well not just only one but some others have three or five cars. Having a car is very imperative because it will be your mode of transportation on where you want to go. You can take a bus, a taxi or a train but it is going to be time consuming and as well as energy draining. But at some point you may think that commuting can save you some money but it does not save you time.

People may argue on what suits them best. Be it having your own car or commuting but it does not really matter on the type of squabble you are arguing about but on how one perceives it. It may take you the whole day or a whole week on the points of having a car or commuting but what really matters is on your own opinion.

You can list some good points and bad points on both if you want to be sure. Be sure to think it over and never over analyse everything.

Ways To Get Payday Loans

Many people use payday loan for different purposes such as loan for education, for building a house, car loans, and some may use it to put up a business. People wants to get the great deals from lending companies so, people have to compare each company to the other. By doing this, people can evaluate the interest fee of the company, the mode of payments, benefits that the company can offer, penalties and the consequences when you are not able to pay on due time. Every single centavo differs in each interest rate can make a big difference in your money and budget. People must also read all the agreements of the company so that, they will have a thorough knowledge what company can serve them best. Having the right information will lead you to the right decision. You can now browse in a dozen of website to get information about the loan system of each company.  You should know the different ways to get payday loans.  Spend a little time on researching it so that you can get precise information and can help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of the loan. Do the comparison appropriately and thoroughly. It is vital to compare credits to get the best deal from the company you choose.

Where has your money gone?

Where has your money gone?

Do you often find your wallet is empty too soon and you wonder where all your money has gone?  Don’t feel that you are alone in this discovery because many people find it hard to track their money.  After paying bills and putting some away in savings, they find little left over to do something fun.  This might be because they have too many bills to pay so most of their paycheck goes to those.

When debt grows larger then you expected and your balances on your credit cards never seem to go down, this can be the perfect time to do something about it.  When you speak with a debt expert, you can get free and confidential debt help that will put you on the track to dealing with your debt in the right way.

From consolidating your student loans to a debt management plan that is perfect for your type of debt, you can be headed in the right direction in no time.  After you have chosen the debt solution that is right for you, you can stop spending and focus on paying down that debt with payments you can afford and living debt free is always an option.

The Cost of Business Car Insurance

If you are one those people who drive their own vehicle to work or for business purposes, you have to make sure that you have an insurance policy with wider cover.  Unlike other cars, business vehicles are often driven around, and much higher mileage.  For this reason, most insurance companies charged a higher fee for your insurance policy, as compared with the standard policy.

Most regular policies only cover for domestic and social driving, such as visiting family, friends, and the likes.  Other than that, you need different policy coverage. 

On one hand, business car insurance is necessary if you drive it for work or for your business.  It is normally more costly because you have more mileage, not to mention, more likely to take a claim. 

There are several types of business auto insurance.  You can do some online search for car insurance.  Fortunately, it is much easier to do that, plus, it is more convenient and hassle free. The first type is private and occasional business use which cover the regular driver or partner who seldom use the car for work.  The other is private and business use.  Its coverage is broader and it is registered to a name of business and covers any drivers.


Filing Asbestos claims

Filing Asbestos claims

Personal injury lawyers are who you contact if you are even involved in an accident that was not your fault.  Any injury that you sustain from this event gives you the right as a UK citizen to file a claim for compensation.  You can submit your first step of your claim online where a claim form is found.  After you input the required information, you click on submit and your form will go to a solicitor who deals with your type of injury.

This legal professional will get in contact with you and discuss what happened to you.  You will be told whether or not you have a claim to file and how much that claim is worth. There are claims filed every day for workplace accidents, asbestos claims, sports injuries, whiplash, birth negligence and many many other situations.

Once your claim in underway, your injury claims solicitor will keep you updated on how your case is progressing so you are not left wondering when this legal process will end.  You will feel in good hands knowing your case is taken care of by someone who will fight to get you the money you deserve for the injuries you have suffered from.

Quick Loan Provider

If you are planning to buy for a new appliance or planning to purchase a new house improvement, or you have a scheduled due to be paid at this time but your funds are not enough to make payments on them. The best solution for that issue is to apply for a payday loan. The next issue will be where are you going to get such loan in no time? The answer is simple; is the answer for your worries. provides the best terms and easiest payment scheme for its borrowers. The fastest and the only loan provider that requires lesser documents or proofs from it borrowers. An online lending company that provides the fastest transaction to its clients and gives the most courteous approach from its employees. Where else can you find these services? Only in

Since you are planning to have vehicle repair, planning to buy gifts, planning to go on family vacation and many more, this loan scheme is the best offer that they can give you. Faster loan approval, easier terms compared to others, what else can you ask for? You can check on link for more information about this scheme, and believe it or not you will be surprised with what it can offer to its creditors. 

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